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Metallica Live Tracks


Some tracks in this gallery are MP3 files and some are Zipped MP3 files. You will need WinZip to unzip the zipped files click here to download WinZip.

Radio 4 Interview
An Interview recorded for BBC Radio 4 that was broadcast on Friday 26th November 2004 entitled "Fashion Music". This was an insight into the lives of three Metallica fans - Cads, A-Star and myself! This hopefully will be an interesting listen for any Metallica fan.

Dyer's Eve
Recorded live in The Forum - Los Angeles, California (March 5th 2004)
This was the first ever live performance of this song after years of protests from fans wanting to hear it live.

St. Anger
Recorded live at BBC Studios, London, UK (May 29th 2003)
This was the performance for the UK TV show "Top Of The Pops". This is a short edited version of the song that later aired on TV.

Recorded live at Network Coliseum (parking lot), Oakland, California (January 19th 2003)
Metallica, along with Bob Rock on bass, performed an unannounced live show in front of Oakland Raiders fans hours before the AFC championship game. A video of this song was posted on the studio site.

So What/Last Caress
Recorded live at the Europe MTV awards, London, England (November 14th 1996)
Metallica were introduced to perform King Nothing but instead performed these two songs, including the explicit lyrics of So What! James later said in an interview: "We needed to wake people up at the show! We felt it was a little boring, and we had been daring each other to do that for years". 

Mama Said
Recorded live on Later with Jools Holland, London, England (November 13th 1996)
James performs this song solo with an accoustic guitar.

Recorded live at the Grammy Awards, Los Angeles, California (February 22nd 1989)
This was Metallica's first appearance at the Grammy Awards and later lost to Jethro Tull for best metal performance.

Trapped Under Ice
Recorded live in Chicago, Illinois (January 5th 2000)
Very rare performance which was previously last played live in 1984. This song was dedicated to a fan. This is a really great version of the song.

Holier Than Thou
Recorded live in Chicago, Illinois (December 6th 1991)
One of the only few live performances of this song. Had only been played 4 times before 2004.

The Unforgiven II
Recorded live at the Billboard Music Awards, Las Vegas, Nevada (December 8th 1997)
Metallica won the Artist Of The Year award. This is the only live performance of this song.

Fade To Black
Recorded live at the VH-1 Awards, Los Angeles, California (November 30th 2000)
Fans got the chance to vote for the song Metallica would play at the 2000 VH-1 Awards. This turned out to be Jason Newsted's last performance with the band. Perhaps this was a fitting song to end Jason's fourteen years with Metallica.

Cliff Burton Bass Solo
Recorded live in Stockholm, Sweden (September 26th 1986)
The very last bass solo Cliff Burton performed live. Cliff was renowned for his amazing abilities on the Bass and this was Cliff at his best just him, his bass and the audience.

Metallica - Merry Fuckin' Christmas
This was a promo Christmas message from James Hetfield In 1993.

Blackened Intro played the correct way round
The Intro to Blackened on ...And Justice For All was recorded this was round then was played backwards for the record to create an eerie sound as the album opens.

Let It Loose
This was one of the very first covers Metallica played but was one they never recorded so here is an early version from one of there garage recordings. The quality is quite good. This is a very rare track.

Nothing Else Matters
A mess about version of Nothing Else Matters that was on one of the studio tapes from the Load sessions - very funny.


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